Forza Street is now available for Windows on Free-to-play basis

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you would have played any game of the Forza series at least once. This series has been loved by all the racing fans out there as well. Well, this series is a Microsoft-exclusive and is the mix between motorsport on the track and open-world Horizon.

Now, we bring to you some exciting news if you are using Windows. The news is that Forza Street is now available for Windows PCs on a Free-to-play basis. You are absolutely reading that right. Yes, the publisher of Forza Street has decided to launch the game on a Free-to-play basis starting April 16, i.e today, on Windows 10.

Some more interesting news regarding Forza Street is that it is coming to mobile also very soon. The developers are planning to soon release this game on Android and iOS. This will bring the game to a lot more people around the world. However, the game is still in development so no more details regarding its mobile version are available as of now.

Forza Street now available on Windows 10

Talking about Forza Street, it is developed by Turn 10 Studios. But we must tell you that it is essentially a rebranded version of Miami Street. So basically, this is originally a Microsoft game which was released an year ago. Since then, the game has received several updates and has become more polished then before.

Now, Forza Street is somewhat different from the previous games in Forza series. This is because you do not have to control the steering wheel on Forza Street to drive your car. Rather, you have to press the space bar to accelerate and let it go to decelerate around the corners.

The directions will be handled by the system itself. Some might argue that it is not a real racing game but that’s exactly why this game has become so popular. It is a mix of racing as well as strategy which makes it that more interesting.