Back in August this year after an all out legal battle between the developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, and Apple, finally, the popular battle royale game was taken down from the App Store. According to the latest news, it might soon be coming back to iOS via Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, GeForce Now.

Previously, the two tech giants Epic Games and Apple have been at odds over the App Store’s policies that allow Apple to take a significant cut from Fortnite’s revenue. The legal battle resulted in Fortnite losing access to its iOS player base.

BBC reported that Epic Games might try to bypass Fortnite’s Apple App Store ban by offering the game on GeForce Now, a cloud gaming solution from Nvidia. In simple words, this is not the most ideal way for Fortnite to make a return but if this really happens then Epic Games might regain access to the iOS community.

Fortnite might return to iOS platform via Nvidia’s GeForce Now
Fortnite might return to iOS platform via Nvidia’s GeForce Now

It should be noted that currently, GeForce Now is not available for iOS but it will likely arrive on the platform in the near future. In fact, there are speculations that NVidia might announce its plans to reach out to Apple device users later this year.

Lately, Apple has emerged as a cumbersome destination for cloud gaming providers due to its convoluted guidelines for such apps so NVidia’s service will also dodge the Apple App Store in favor of a web version that is supported on Safari. Note that, not only Nvidia, other industry giants like Microsoft and Facebook are also planning to avoid Apple’s tedious rules and still reach the iOS user base.

From the perspective of a gamer, playing Fortnite on the cloud might not be smooth but it is still something that the gaming community of iOS will happily welcome with open arms. In simple words, it is the best alternative to play Fortnite on an iPhone until Apple and Epic Games plan to officially patch up.

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