Fornite’s competitor, Apex Legend, gains 10 million gamers in under 3 days of launch

We have known that the popularity of Epic Games’ Fortnite is reaching new heights every day. Fortnite’s competition, PUBG has already launched on Android. However, citing the popularity of Fortnite, EA Sports has jumped into action. Electronics Arts Inc. has now developed a new game which is in direct competition with Fortnite. This new game by EA Inc. is named as ‘Apex Legends‘.

Apex Legends

Now, EA Inc. has shared a report regarding the details of users on Apex Legend and it has caught everyone by surprise. According to the company, there are more than 10 million registrations on Apex Legend already. It is worth noting that Apex Legend was just released three days ago so this is a massive number in that context.

Now, the basic idea behind these, be it PUBG, Fortnite or Apex Legend is the same. In these games, players are dropped off on an island and they have to fight for their survival and the winner is whoever is the ‘last one standing’.¬†Even with “Apex Legends,” EA is looking to reproduce the success of “Fortnite,” a sort of hybrid of “The Hunger Games” and “Minecraft” that drops 100 people onto an island to fight each other for survival.

It seems like EA has already started to take some cherry out of Fortnite’s success. One of the reasons is that EA is a huge name in the gaming industry and it already has millions of fans. Therefore, people are most likely to try the game out as it should have quality gameplay. But the popularity of this game still depends on its concept as well as the execution which will retain the users.

EA Games also reported that it had over a million users logged in at the same time. Now, these numbers can only be handled by a company like EA Games because we have seen reports earlier about Fornite crashing/freezing due to load. Also, these numbers helped EA Games’ stocks massively as they went up 16% after the report was published.

Via – Times Now