Flipkart teases Realme 3 ahead of launch on March 4

Realme has had a dream run in the smartphone industry from last year. This is after Realme launched the Realme 1 as their first-ever smartphone in India. After that, the company launched Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro in the country as well. Now, it is expected that Realme will launch their latest flagship smartphone. This is expected to be named as the Realme 3 if naming convention is followed. Also, Realme 3’s Pro version is also expected to be released very soon.

Now, we have our first information regarding the Realme 3. This information is available thanks to Flipkart. It should be already noted that Realme 3 is being released on March 4. Therefore, Flipkart has decided to tease the upcoming Realme smartphone a few days prior to launch. According to Flipkart, Realme 3 will come with MediaTek Helio P70 chipset. With this, Flipkart has also taken a jibe at the recently released Redmi Note 7.

This is due to the fact that MediaTek Helio P70 is superior to Snapdragon’s 660 chipset. Also, Realme 3 is expected to be priced even lower than Redmi Note 7. This means that Realme 3 will also come under Rs. 10,000 mark because Redmi Note 7 has been priced at Rs. 9999. Flipkart has also confirmed that Realme 3 will have a waterdrop notch, “dew-drop” notch as Realme calls it.

Apart from that, Realme 3’s battery life has been revealed by Flipkart. As per Flipkart, Realme 3 will have a 4,230mAh which is even more than Redmi Note 7’s 4000 mAh battery capacity. With that, Flipkart has also mentioned the hashtag “#3stepsahead”. The company claims that Realme 3 is 3 steps ahead of the competition which are the battery life, processor and design.

It is also expected that Realme will launch the Realme 3 Pro at this event. However, the company seems to have planned another event for their ‘Pro’ smartphone’s launch as well. Nevertheless, we expect to at least see the Realme 3 on March 4 being unveiled in India.