If you wondered about the possibility of gliding through the waters and diving down through the oceans and streaming it all live on the internet then you are not alone. Many people who are fond of water adventures have the same dream like you. However, their dream was just a dream until now. With the Fifish V6, this dream can turn into reality. Fifish, the company behind this Fifish V6, has announced its first underwater drone which is also omnidirectional

Apart from that, Fifish is a company which advocates for ocean conservation and spreading awareness on ocean-related issues. For this reason, Fifish has pledged to donate 1% of its profits to the CleanSea project. As the Fifish V6 is an omnidirectional drone, it can move on all angles as well as it has 6 degrees of mobility.

Fifish V6

Also, Fifish V6 can move laterally as well as vertically and it can also rotate 360 degrees and can do flips, rolls and pivots. This helps creators in taking their content to the next level and shoot content in all the ways which they can possibly imagine due to this drone’s flexibility. Fifish V6 also integrates VR smart technology which means you can see the underwater drone content on a VR handset. Since you get a 360-degree view of the drone’s path, you just need to move your head and see the content in any direction that you want.

Moving your head will also move the drone in whichever direction that you want to see. For example, you can tilt the head sideways so that the drone rolls and look up to tilt the drone upwards and likewise.

Fifish V6 also comes with LED lights for night view underwater as well as 4K UHD camera to view and live stream content in the best possible resolution. Fifish V6 underwater robot is priced at $1599 and comes with Free VR upgrade too.

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