According to the latest news, it seems that Facebook is pushing Apple to allow third-party messaging apps to be set as default on iPhones. Stan Chudnovsky, in a conversation with The Information, said that the company is trying to convince the Cupertino giant to enable iPhone users to set their own default messaging app instead of forcing them to use iMessage irrespective of they want it or not. Note that Stan Chudnovsky is Facebook’s Head of Messenger.

He alleged that Apple’s practices are unfair to third party developer because it doesn’t give them a level playing field on iOS. He conveyed that a more open OS, like Google’s Android, allows other developers like Facebook to compete on even terms. He said “We feel people should be able to choose different messaging apps and the default on their phone. Generally, everything is moving this direction anyway.”

Facebook wants Apple to allow users to set their Messaging App as per preference
Facebook wants Apple to allow users to set their Messaging App as per preference

However, Chudnovsky maintained that Apple may be unwilling to make the changes because that might hurt iPhone sales in the long run. This means, there is a customer base that considers Apple’s operating system more secure than Google’s Android so they won’t be a returning customer anymore if Apple compromises security by allowing third-party developers.

When Chudnovsky is asked why he believes that Apple will steadfastly refuse to change its stance in spite of possible antitrust scrutiny, he said: “The main guess is that messaging drives hardware sales”.

Frankly, as of now, according to Chudnovsky, even though there is much peer pressure, Apple will not be willing to open up its messaging service in iPhones to any third-party developers. However, the rigid trends are getting more and more flexible through the passing of time because we have seen that through iOS 14, Apple started allowing users to change the default web browser and email client.

In short, as of now, while the company seems to be unwilling to let users replace iMessage as the default messaging app, it will be interesting to see if it makes any change in the future while going forward.

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