Facebook found to have uploaded 1.5 million email contacts of its users “unintentionally”

Facebook, it must be said once again, is having a horrible time from last few years. However, Facebook is also to be blamed for all the mess that they have created. It is now expected that a new data leak may take place inside Facebook every week. We now have a report of new data leak that took place inside Facebook but was kept secret by the company until recently.

Facebook had a system back from 2016 when it required users to have email verification. For this reason, users who joined Facebook since 2016 needed to give their email addresses to Facebook. However, the company requested access to user’s email addresses by asking for their passwords. Once the users would give their passwords, Facebook uploaded their contacts on the platform.

Facebook requesting for user's email password
Facebook requesting for user’s email password

Some time ago, Facebook removed the text which said that their email addresses were being uploaded. However, the code was obviously not removed which meant that the data was being uploaded. One security researcher found out this code and that is when the whole world came to know about this. Now that the issue has been highlighted, Facebook says that the data was uploaded “unintentionally”.

But it is hard to believe that the data was being uploaded without them knowing about it. Because the company has accepted that this data was being used to “suggest friends, improve ad targetting, and build upon ‘Facebook’s web of social connections.'”. After the public outcry over this incident, Facebook says that they will now delete the uploaded data from its servers.

Also, the annoying thing regarding the contacts upload process is that there was nothing a user could do. Once the access was granted, the data would be uploaded and there was no way to cancel this upload. The company says that “private conversations of users were not read” and will notify users whose emails were harvested