Facebook shows off its upcoming redesign at F8 Developer Conference

Facebook has been working on a redesign for its website as well as iOS and Android apps from quite a while now. Although we have been seeing hints of this redesign as part of A/B testing, we have no official information about it. That has changed now as the company has revealed its official redesign at the F8 Developer Conference.

As far as the redesign is concerned, it will take place on its main website, Facebook.com. Also, the redesigned apps for iOS and Android have already been rolled out. This means if you are using an iOS or Android device then you can already see the redesigned Facebook app.

Facebook Android app redesign
Facebook Android app redesign

Talking about the Facebook.com redesign, the company says that it will be rolled out in the coming months. It is obvious that the majority of users will be browsing Facebook through their website so it makes sense to delay its rollout and do proper testing before the official rollout.

From the screenshots shared by Facebook regarding its redesign, we can see that the Stories feature of Facebook takes centre-stage. Therefore, it is evident that the company is trying to urge users to post more stories. The first thing that you will see on visiting Facebook’s website is the Stories tab followed by the Posts section at the bottom.

There are sidebars on the left and right of the Stories and Posts section which take up almost 50%+ of the total space. However, people have already started complaining that there is too much white space and that space should be used up for showing more posts on the home screen. Currently, you will only be able to see a single post without scrolling.

Facebook also says that “the future is private” and says that its redesign is focused on its latest “privacy-driven” approach.