Seems like Facebook cannot catch a break at the moment. With every new day, there is a new report coming out of Facebook. And most of them are regarding the bugs or breaches inside Facebook. Now, a new report has emerged which was revealed by the company themselves. Facebook has said that they found a bug inside their system which stored passwords in plain text. This means that the passwords of most of the Facebook users were accessible by Facebook employees.

According to a report, Facebook’s bug stored passwords of 600 million Facebook users in plain text. Therefore, it is entirely possible that at least one Facebook employees would have seen passwords of other users. But the company says that there has been no case found of someone internally accessing the account due to this bug. In the meantime, Facebook has also said that the bug has now been fixed.

This bug was found out by Facebook when they noticed that its login system was not converting users’ passwords to unreadable form. Later, the company realized that the passwords were stored in plain text. It is also reported that more than 20,000 Facebook employees were able to access these passwords. However, Facebook has not come up with any numbers regarding the same.

Paul Ducklin, Senior Technologist at global cybersecurity firm Sophos said that “It’s perfectly possible that no passwords at all fell into the hands of any crooks as a result of this. But if any passwords did get into the wrong hands then you can expect them to be abused,”

Facebook has also announced that the users whose passwords were visible in plain text will be notified. In any case, you should change your Facebook profile’s password right now to avoid any mishap with your account. Also, we recommend you to enable 2-factor authentication on your Facebook profile.

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