Facebook is testing a new feature that helps connect with neighbours

According to the latest news, apart from improving its existing apps and bringing in high speed internet to rural areas, Facebook has started testing a new community focused feature. This special is being specially developed with an aim to bring neighbours together. The feature is dubbed as Neighbourhoods. It will bring local posts, groups, and marketplace items on the users’ feed. This will help people connect with others who live near them.

In short, the Neighbourhoods feature is specially designed to bring people who live near each other together to form a confined community on Facebook. In this feature, users will be able to create their own “Neighbourhood” groups on Facebook.

This new feature was first spotted by social media consultant, Matt Navarra. As soon as he discovered this, he posted about it on Twitter.

Matt Navarra @MattNavarra posted “Facebook is taking on NextDoor with a NEW ‘Neighborhoods’ feature! h/t Leon Griggs / http://facebook.com/Grigg.Digital”

Following Matt Navarra’s tweet about the Neighbourhoods feature, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the social media giant will be rolling out the feature for selective users soon.

Facebook is testing a new feature that helps connect with neighbors
Facebook is testing a new feature that helps connect with neighbours

As per a report, the Facebook spokesperson said “More than ever, people are using Facebook to participate in their local communities. To help make it easier to do this, we are rolling out a limited test of Neighbourhoods, a dedicated space within Facebook for people to connect with their neighbours.”

Here, users will have to give access to their locations to Facebook to locate other users in their respective areas and each of these “Neighbourhoods” groups will display posts and marketplace items from local users. In this feature, users will also be able to switch Neighbourhoods and manage each of them individually. Users will get a dedicated privacy option to control their activity in each of these “Neighbourhood” groups.

However, note that once this feature is rolled out globally, Facebook won’t be the first one to introduce this feature in the market because already community focused social media applications like NextDoor has had this feature for a long time. Since Facebook has a massive user base, this feature can help connect a lot more users than NextDoor or any other app.

As of now, it is still not confirmed how many users are currently getting access to this feature or when will it be rolled out globally for everyone. Facebook only confirmed that right now, this feature is only in its testing phase. This means the company will bring in necessary changes as per the community feedback. We have no other option than waiting for this feature to get connected with our nearby people over Facebook.