Facebook Campus, a student exclusive feature to be tested on 30 US based Universities

According to the latest news, Facebook is going to launch an online space called Facebook Campus exclusively for college students. This project aims at helping students connect with their fellow classmates. As of now, due to the global pandemic, more and more schools all over the world are shifting to partial or full-time remote learning so this project is being pushed by the company. It also marks the return of Facebook back to its roots, because initially, it was a network connecting students mostly.

The company declared that the project will be launched in as many as 30 core universities in the US but however, the tech giant has not yet revealed anything about its plan of expanding the project. However, just like any other Facebook feature, it will eventually come to other countries including in India.

It seems that very soon, Facebook Campus will become a dedicated section of the main Facebook app. As of now, it is being heard that students will have to create a campus profile that is different from their main Facebook profile. For this special college profile, students will have to provide their respective college email, graduation year, student’s major subject, classes, and hometown. In this section, students will be able to discover groups and events unique to their school and connect with classmates who have similar interests.

Facebook Campus, a student exclusive feature to be tested on 30 US based Universities
Facebook Campus

The best part is, the content shared here will be visible only to those part of the Campus. The company maintained that if a particular profile is blocked by a user that profile won’t be able to track the user even in the Campus directory if they belong to the same institute.

Charmaine Hung, product manager of Facebook Campus project said “College is a time for making new friends, finding people who share similar interests and discovering new opportunities to connect – from clubs to study groups, sports and more.”

He further said, “In the early days, Facebook was a college-only network, and now we’re returning to our roots with Facebook Campus to help students make and maintain these relationships, even if they’re away from their college.”

It seems that one of the features that will set Facebook Campus out from the regular Facebook is the college-specific news feed. Students will be able to create groups, plan virtual concerts, or communicate in these groups.

Facebook Campus offering includes a classmate directory and a chat room. Some of the universities of the 30 chosen universities where Facebook Campus will be rolled out are Brown University; California Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Sarah Lawrence College, Virginia Tech, and many more.