During the coronavirus lockdowns, almost those who were hell inclined against social media and entertainment applications have subdued. Likewise, there were people who were rigidly bent against using video conferencing apps like Zoom due to security concerns, but even they themselves have ultimately downloaded and installed the app for the sake of their job.

In short, the Zoom video conferencing app has become a way of life for workers who have the privilege of working from home. Similarly, entertainment applications like Netflix have has become a way of life for those who love watching movies.

According to the latest news, Facebook is adding the global leaders in those categories to its ‘Portal’ smart displays.

The development comes from Facebook’s official blog post. Yesterday, the company said that it is bringing a number of new features and functional abilities to various devices in its Portal lineup. The company revealed that the list includes the likes of Netflix and Zoom.

Facebook adds Netflix and Zoom in Portal Smart Displays
Facebook adds Netflix and Zoom in Portal Smart Displays

In all countries where Portal TV is sold and Netflix is not banned, Netflix will be available. Once the Netflix feature rolls out universally, users have to simply open the Netflix app from Portal TV and log into their account and they will be able to stream movies on Portal TV.

On the other hand, Zoom is now made available on Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal+ in all regions where Portal TV is sold.

According to the latest news, Facebook is also looking forward to introduce a new remote that features one touch buttons for Prime Video, Facebook Watch, and Netflix. The company considers that adding a remote will make it easier to open the popular apps. The remote is already shipping with Portal TV and will be in stores in the coming weeks.

Apart from this, the company is also planning of expanding the Story Time library for children with more stories. The company will add the ability to control AR Effects in Photo Booth using the ‘Hey Portal’ command. It should be noted that in addition to English, ‘Hey Portal’ is now made available in Spanish too. The company said that it will add other language supports in the near future. As of now, in Portal TV, users can also use French, Spanish, Italian, and English as on screen texts.

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