When it comes to smartphone and gadgets protection, smartphone accessories play a vital role in it. Accessories like a good Phone Case, a strong Glass Protector, a camera lens shield, a good quality data cable (or lightning cable in case of iPhones), and a good power brick/adapter can increase smartphones’ age by multiple times.

Recently, I got my new Apple iPhone 12 Pro, and after getting in my hands, the first thought that came up in my mind is that what if somehow it slipped from my hands and fall down to the grounds. And I am sure that you also get these types of thoughts when you get a new gadget and most a new smartphone. So, as soon as I got my new iPhone 12 Pro, I opened my Mac and ordered a few accessories for it, so that I can use my new smartphone without any fear and stress.

ESR Full Protection Bundle for iPhone 12 Pro
ESR Full Protection Bundle for iPhone 12 Pro

In this article, I am going to share my experience with the accessories that I bought for my iPhone. I ordered an iPhone 12 Pro Full Protection Bundle that includes a Classic Hybrid Shock-Absorbing Phone Case, 3 Packs of Tempered-Glass, & 2 Packs of Camera Lens Protector, and a separate 20-watt USB Type-C Power Adapter. All of these accessories are manufactured by ESR Gear, a well-reputed brand for iPhone accessories.

ESR Classic Hybrid Shock-Absorbing Phone Case

This is a classic iPhone 12 Pro case with a ton of specifications. There are four color options available, but I got the frosted Black colored one as it matches my iPhone color, and in my opinion, this one looks better than the other 3 other options. It is a hard and sturdy case with a crystal-clear back with a frosted matte back that doesn’t disturb the original iPhone looks.

ESR Full Protection Bundle for iPhone 12 Pro
ESR Classic Hybrid Shock-Absorbing Phone Case

As it is made up of the flexible and soft polymer, so you don’t have to worry about putting on or taking off. It has a raised bezel that protects the camera lens as well. And the edges of the iPhone are also well protected because of the hard and shock-absorbing materials used.

ESR Full-Coverage Screen Protector and Camera Lens Protector

The bundle comes with 3 packs of the full coverage screen protector and 2 packs of camera lens protectors. As a tech enthusiast, I know that the screen is quite good and strong to take any type of pressure and stress but a careful gadget freak inside me also fears about the scratches that may come up on the display and camera lenses. So, this ESR Gear bundle of the screen protector and camera lens protector will take care of that.

Full-Coverage Screen Protector and Camera Lens Protector
ESR Camera Lens Protector

ESR claims 5 KG of pressure on the tempered glass, which is more than enough for a normal or heavy user. And in a comparable manner, ESR gives us a promising claim regarding the quality of the lens protector. If you are not quite comfortable while applying a screen protector, then you don’t need to worry about it at all, ESR included an installation frame for applying it on your iPhone 12 Pro with very straightforward steps.

The bundle of the screen protector and camera lens protector includes a cleaning kit & installation frame and a microfiber cloth, wet wipe, & dust-removal sticker, respectively for a better experience. And for your convenience, the ESR team also included a well-written instruction manual to ease the process.

ESR 20W USB-C mini–PD Charger

20W USB-C mini–PD Charger
ESR 20W USB-C mini–PD Charger

Last but not least, an Apple certified ESR 20-watt USB-C power adapter. Although you can use this power adapter with any of your devices that support up to 20-watt power input for fast-charging. The power adapter is available in the US, UK, and EU plug, so that every user around the globe can make use of the power brick.

It comes in a compact size, ESR claims it to be 20% smaller than the original Apple power adapter. As it is a fast-charging power adapter with 20-watt power delivery, it will be twice fast as the traditional Apple power adapter. It is a flame-retardant, withstands 5,000 plug-ins, and resists intense corrosion. It uses smart technology that can automatically detect and delivers the perfect power to charge your device without any harm.

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Final Verdict

As I already have mentioned that ESR is a well-reputed brand for iPhone accessories, so you or anyone can go with these accessories without a second thought. All the above-mentioned accessories are top-notch, so there isn’t any con for these.

But if I have to give my opinion on these, then I will say that I really loved the case and the camera lens protector, as it was better than all the competitive brands out there, regarding the screen-protector and power adaptor, it hasn’t anything bad to highlight but also it has nothing extra that the competitive brands aren’t already providing.

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