From last year, the Arch-based Antergos was discontinued which lead to the arrival of its brand new successor, EndeavourOS. Interestingly, this EndeavourOS project was initiated by none other than former Antergos moderator Bryan Poerwoatmodjo. Bryan Poerwoatmodjo is the Project Leader and Community Manager of Endeavour OS now.

After a handful of releases, EndeavourOS came out with its very first stable release back on 15th July last year and since then, it has just kept progressing to deliver the easiest and friendliest Arch Linux-based Distro. The Distro will come with a graphical offline and online installer as well.

EndeavorOS is back in the news because, in order to extend the footprint of EndeavorOS, Bryan Poerwoatmodjo recently officially announced a new project to offer EndeavourOS for ARM computers. For those who are unfamiliar with the term ARM, it is nothing but Acorn RISC Machine.

Arch Linux-based EndeavourOS will launch Distro for ARM CPUs in mid-September
EndeavourOS will launch Distro for ARM CPUs

Just like the current collaboration of EndeavourOS x86_64 and Arch Linux, EndeavorOS ARM will aim to provide the same experience on devices that use ARM-based processors.

You must note that EndeavourOS is not the very first operating system that is promising to offer distro support to ARM processor architecture. So far, Intel and AMD have always been upgraded with the ARM processor architecture. Recently, other manufacturers have also shown decent interest in this architecture apart from these two industry leaders. For example, back in WWDC 2020 event, none other than American tech giant Apple announced that it will ship home-baked custom ARM-based silicon chips for its Mac computer line-ups.

As of now, various Linux distros provide images for ARM devices. Some of them are Ubuntu, Arch Linux, and Manjaro. Soon, EndeavourOS will join the list. The most interesting part is, all other systems have been in the market for quite a couple of years but this EndeavourOS is aged only one year.

According to Bryan’s announcement, the ARM distro will be launched on 19th September 2020. Users can download the EndeavourOS ARM images from the official site.

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