Disney might soon be acquiring a major gaming company from Korea

Disney, as we know, is a tremendously big player in gaming and entertainment industry. The company almost owns each and every entertainment show around the world. Recently, Disney-Fox’s ‘Shazam’ was released which has already crossed $100 million in revenue. Along with that, Disney has various popular games and movies coming up as well. Now, there are reports that Disney could be headed for a major acquisition. This acquisition is of a¬†Korean PC and mobile game company named Nexon.

According to reports, Disney is very near to closing this deal of Nexon’s acquisition which will cost them $13.2 billion. This was reported by Korea’s The Central Times¬†which claims that Nexon’s chairman, Jung-ju Kim, recently met a “high-ranking Disney representative”. According to the paper’s claim, this meeting was to ink the deal for Disney’s acquisition of Nexon. It is also reported that Nexon’s chairman holds shares worth 98 percent in Nexon which is close to full stakes of the company.

Also, he is looking to sell his stakes of Nexon since January of this year and Disney has also shown interest in the acquisition. Now, Nexon is not a name which will be familiar outside of Korea and Japan. However, it is a major player in those countries which also makes sense given the $13.2 billion valuation.

As for why Disney is looking to buy Nexon, it is simple that the company wants to make money from those markets too. Also, it will be easier for them to enter the market with an established player. Apparently, Disney likes to acquire major companies as well which could also be a valid reason.

However, neither Disney nor Nexon have announced anything regarding this deal or its closure. So we will have to wait for official confirmation from both the parties before speculating any further regarding this claimed acquisition.