Disney+ “GroupWatch” feature being tested in Canada

According to recent news, Disney is testing a new feature that will allow Disney+ subscribers to create virtual parties with their friends. With this feature, the subscriber and his/her friends will be able to watch a program together in real-time.

Just like most other technical leaks, this first appeared in a Reddit post. Some screenshots were also shared in the post. It seems that as many as six peoples will be able to join a watch party. Most likely, a user will be able to initiate a party simply from a movie or show’s title page. However, there is a condition of adding friends on these watch parties, and that is, all the members must be a valid Disney+ subscriber.

This feature is dubbed as GroupWatch, and currently, it is reportedly being tested in Canada. right now. According to The Verge, Disney is planning to roll out this feature globally by this autumn. If everything goes by the plan, the also, Disney won’t be the first streaming service catering to such a capability because already, Amazon Prime Video has a group watch tool, Watch Party, which can add as many as 100 people in one session.

Disney+ "GroupWatch" feature being tested in Canada
Disney+ GroupWatch feature

This feature allows anyone in the US to stream thousands of titles but the condition is, they must be Amazon Prime subscribers themselves.

The DisInsider was one of the first sites to report about this GroupWatch feature. They conveyed that there is a new code that has been embedded in the website which points at the possibility of introducing a watch party feature.

There are some well known third party web browser extensions available in the internet database that allows people to form a group and watch Netflix, HBO, and other streaming services at once. It seems that with this pandemic, with so many people stuck at home for months, it has become a new norm to enjoy movies and shows together virtually.

House Party was one of the first apps to come with this concept. Watch party is a feature that a lot of streaming services have introduced. A third-party app, Scener can also be mentioned in this regard. It has gained increasing popularity over the last couple of months.