For quite a while, Discord has offered the option to share screen on PC through its desktop client for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and now, according to the latest news, the company is testing the possibility of screen sharing on Android.

This was first discovered and reported by XDA Developers. XDA Developers reported that Discord is testing screen sharing with Discord beta 48.2 or higher on Android. However, it has not yet been rolled out fully. It was available only for a limited period. Experts are hoping that the company will soon come out with a stable rollout of the software.

When available, users will see a new screen share icon in Discord’s voice calling UI. As soon as you press the icon, a pop-up will appear and it will display the following “Mobile Screen Share is here! Watch videos, stream gameplay, or browse other apps together by sharing your screen with your friends”. Next, you can have to tap on the ‘Try it out!’ button to start a screen sharing session. You will be able to switch to other apps as well.

Discord looking forward to offer screen sharing on Android soon
Discord looking forward to offer screen sharing on Android soon

Discord’s screen sharing interface comes with a wide range of quick control buttons such as one for making a video call, one for ending screen sharing, one for toggling the mic, one for ending the ongoing call, and so on. You will also be able to change the audio output while you are sharing your screen.

Note that, Discord is not the only app offering screen sharing on mobile. There are plenty of other apps offering similar services and that also for a long time. Recently, even tech giants like Google and Facebook announced this feature for Google Duo and Facebook Messenger respectively.

So far, screen sharing on mobile devices was one of the most requested features on Discord. A feedback post requesting screen sharing on Discord’s support forum has garnered over 1000 up votes within a period of just 2 years.

As of now, Discord’s screen sharing is not widely available even for its beta testers. You can try out your luck by enrolling in Discord’s beta program.

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