Deepin v20 released: Comes with a new look and dual kernel support

Finally, the Deepin Linux Team has released the latest stable version for Deepin 20.

After almost 5 months of a long development, the Deepin 20 (A Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution) has been made available for download to its community.

The Deepin 20 version has made a comeback with a fresh beautiful new look which makes it a more user-friendly Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE). This new update comes with improvements differing from an aesthetic UI design, new visual look to the base repository, and Linux Kernel.

Design style has been improvised with this update to make DDE more user-friendly, good looking and easy to use. The icons are more bright and colorful, clean interface, smooth animations, new rounded-corner windows along with an elegant multitask view.

Deepin v20 released: Comes with a new look and dual kernel support
Deepin v20

With this update, Deepin 20 is now more customizable. The Deepin Desktop Environment is now able to support both dark and light themes.

It also comes with other settings you will need to customize it such as transparency adjustment, color temperature settings, and power and battery settings.

In addition to the above customizations, users can now also customize their notification system. Deepin 20 brings a personalized notification system that is capable of displaying notifications on the lock screen or the notification center.

Earlier, users sometimes missed important messages during work. Now, they can customize how notifications appear and are displayed so that they don’t miss it.

Deepin v20 released: Comes with a new look and dual kernel support
Deepin v20 dual Kernel

Aside from customizations, the new Deepin 20 has upgraded its underlying repository to the latest Debian 10.5. Deepin 20 now also supports dual kernel. What does it mean? This means with version 20 you now have two kernel options: Kernel 5.4 (LTS) and Kernel 5.7 (Stable)

The fingerprint supports has also been improved as well in the v20 release. It now gives clear and accurate fingerprint recognition while offering users more accurate unlocks, logins and administrations access which improved the overall security.

There are other minor changes along with bug fixes. Read the full releases notes for more information.