CloudLinux renames its CentOS alternative to AlmaLinux

Last month CentOS team announced to replace and shift full focus from CentOS Linux to its future replacement CentOS Stream. This led to the creation of new alternative distributions such as Rocky Linux by CentOS creator Greg Kurtzer and Project Lenix by CloudLinux Inc. Rocky Linux targeted its first release by the second quarter of 2021 and Project Lenix aimed for release by the first quarter of 2021. According to the latest news, CloudLinux has now renamed this CentOS alternative as AlmaLinux. In Latin, AlmaLinux means soul. It seems, CloudLinux chose the name ‘AlmaLinux’ to honour the Linux community’s tireless efforts.

Note that apart from the name, everything else including the project’s goal remains the same. The project’s goal is to provide a completely free, open-source, community-owned and governed, stable, production-ready, and 1:1 binary compatible fork of RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 8.

As per reports, AlmaLinux Linux distribution also intends to be an alternative to CentOS stable release. The best part is if you want to switch from CentOS, it offers effortless and rapid transition with minimal investment and no software changes using a single command.

CloudLinux Inc committed $1 million annual sponsorship while announcing the community-driven RHEL fork Project Lenix (AlmaLinux). The sponsorship is for the development, maintenance, security, and other Linux distribution supports. The focused team at CloudLinux will support future RHEL releases to provide a stable and well-tested update to AlmaLinux through 2029.

The project aims at doing that free of charge. If you are interested to know more about AlmaLinux then you can check out the official site.