As per the latest news, Cloudflare is proposing a new DNS standard which the company developed in partnership with Apple. TechCrunch reported that the new DNS standard is designed to help close a blind spot in internet privacy measures.

The protocol is named Oblivious DNS over HTTPS (ODoH). In simple words, it is meant to help anonymize the information that is sent before you visit a website. DNS lets us use the web without having to remember the IP address of every site we visit.

Just for an example, we humans can differentiate between and but computers use IP addresses, not the website address, to route their requests across the internet.

Cloudflare developed a new DNS protocol in partnership with Apple
Cloudflare developed a new DNS protocol in partnership with Apple

So when you type a website name, your computer asks a DNS server to translate a name like “” to the site’s actual IP. When the DNS server sends it back, our computer loads the site.

Here, the protocol works by introducing a proxy server between you and the DNS server, where, the proxy acts as a go-between. It sends your requests to the DNS server and delivers its responses back without letting others know who requested the data. The DoH uses encryption to ensure that only the DNS server can read your requests. Simply, the proxy server can’t read the request while the DNS server can’t tell where it came from.

Cloudflare has already added the ability to take ODoH requests to their DNS service. However, we may have to wait until our browser or OS supports it. Firefox might be the browser to watch out for ODoH because its CTO says the team is “excited to see it starting to take off and are looking forward to experimenting with it.”

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