With the fast evolution of technology over the years, we have seen cameras evolve from traditional to DSLR and finally into mirrorless cameras. Perhaps the one and only element of the camera that has not changed in all these years is the shutter button and it seems Canon is now thinking of replacing the physical shutter button with a high tech shutter touchpad to make it complete.

According to the latest news, Canon has recently filed a new patent detailing a unique touchpad that could replace the physical shutter button of a camera. The tiny touchpad will sit in the traditional place of a shutter button and it will detect finger movements and pressure and it will capture a scene accordingly.

The photographer will also be able to change camera settings like ISO, shutter speed, or aperture without needing to lift the finger from the shutter area.

Canon files patents of a shutter touchpad that might replace shutter buttons in future camera
Canon files patents of a shutter touchpad

According to the patent, the shutter touchpad will also be able to detect the duration and the force of the pressure applied. This suggests the photographer will be able to half-press the shutter touchpad to set focus and then press a bit harder to release the shutter. This touchpad could be integrated into the camera without needing to put a hole in place of the shutter button. The company says this will improve a camera’s durability in the long run.

As of now, it seems the idea of a pressure-sensitive touchpad is pretty futuristic but everything depends upon how the company pulls things off. Generations of photographers have pressed the physical shutter button to shoot so even if Canon brings the technology in the market rea fast, adaptability will depend upon people’s preference.

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