Yesterday, Canon announced a slew of new products in Japan. The list includes EOS C70 ‘Cinema Camera’ that supports 4K / 120P recordings. As the name suggests, it can be used to shoot a movie in a relatively small form-factor of a standard DSLR camera. Apart from this Cinema Camera, Canon unveiled CJ20eX5B portable zoom lens and the EF-EOS R mount adapter.

Reports suggest that in India, EOS C70 camera and the EF-EOS R mount adapter will go on sale from November. As of now, the final pricings are yet to be announced by the company. There is also no official information regarding CJ20eX5B zoom lens and whether it will make its way to Indian shores any time soon or not.

EOS C70 is going to be Canon’s first EOS Cinema camera that is equipped with an RF mount. This RF mount makes the camera compatible with any of the RF lenses from Canon’s EOS R System. It also supports the company’s EF-series lenses when paired with the right mount adapter.

Canon announces EOS C70 Cinema Camera with native RF Mount and new AF algorithm
Canon EOS C70 Cinema Camera

Canon EOS C70 comes with two mini XLRs, audio control dials, Timecode IN / OUT, full HDMI terminal, and the all new ‘Direct Touch Control’ function that allows users to change recording settings quickly and directly from the camera’s touchscreen panel.

Canon EOS C70 comes with the 4K Super 35 mm CMOS DGO (Dual Gain Output) sensor that can capture 4K video in 10 bit 4:2:2 color. Canon EOS C70 is not the very first device that is holding this sensor; the first device to hold this sensor is EOS C300 Mark III.

Canon EOS C70 is equipped with the DIGIC DV7 image processing platform which is capable of high-speed processing. Moreover, this platform also allows users to record 4K / 120P videos to UHS-II standard SD cards.

Canon EOS C70 features Canon’s proprietary Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology with a new AF algorithm dubbed as EOS iTR AF X.  Canon claims EOS iTR AF X improves not only subject detection and tracking but also incorporates head detection. This technology helps the sensor to capture high dynamic range images of up to 16+ stops with low noise. This further enhances the video quality.

Canon’s EOS C70 comes with two SD card slots and supports a variety of recording modes. Some of the recording modes are simultaneous recording, relay recording, 4K recording, and 2K recording.

If you are interested in this camera and eager to know more details about it then you can check out the official website of Canon India.

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