Call Of Duty Modern Warfare How To Learn

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare How To Learn

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the best military simulation games, full of thrill and suspension. This dramatic single-player story campaign has everything that every true gamer wants because this campaign of warfare is more tense and interesting and comprises 14 different missions that gamers can play.

Players can also choose 45 powerful destructive weapons depending on their mission in this game. But to kill enemies silently, every gamer wants to learn to stabilize their weapon so they can kill them without showing themselves.

The learning process is quite simple because gamers can activate it by concealing behind any object and pressing the aim button. Here in this article, you will learn a complete step-by-step strategy on how to lean while aiming in the call of duty in modern warfare so you can get a flawless head shoot.

What Is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare:

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare How To Learn
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare How To Learn

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of the incredible games that offer real single-player shooting experiences, especially for those who wanna increase their online battleground skills because the first mission of this game starts from the bloodstained warfare in Verdansk.

There are three other versions of this game that Infinity Ward has created, including Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare 3, and Modern Warfare 4. But this non-stop shooting game version is created for people who are overwhelmed by secret, deadly missions.

In this game, players can select ten secondary and 35 primary weapons, each with its own shooting and aiming capacity. Overall, COD Modern Warfare is the game to play for those who want to maximize their aiming skill.

How To Learn While Aiming In Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Complete Guide Step By Step:

As mentioned previously, the learning strategy can help you to kill enemies without knowing them. You can lean behind the walls, doors, shelters, or any similar object to cover yourself so you can shoot them silently.

But to shoot the enemies while covering yourself, you will also require some extraordinary aiming skills. Because when it comes to shooting the enemy, you need to make sure that your aim is perfect.

When you lean in the game, some problems can occur with your aim, like intercepting objects or having an unclear view of your opponent. If you want to learn while aiming in the call of duty in modern warfare perfectly, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • First, plug in your Mouse and keyboard on the device in which you are playing call of duty modern warfare.
  • Now open the call of duty modern warfare game and click on the option.
  • Now from the options, you will need to select keyboard & Mouse.
  • Go to weapon & equipment, select weapon mount activation, and change it to ADS. (Changing the default option to ADS will automatically improve your aim while leaning).
  • If you want double your aiming skill while leaning you can also choose Toggle Weapon Mount Keybind.
  • After choosing your desired option, you now need to go to the controller and change the ADS sensitivity. (To get the perfect shoot while leaning behind the object, you need to change the sensitivity to 0.91).
  • From the controller options, you can also change the horizontal stick sensitivity to get get the perfect horizontal shoot while leaning.

(Keep in mind to get the optimum aiming result while covering behind any object, make sure you have selected an accurate weapon because all guns have different shooting ranges and capabilities to shoot targets).


Leaning can help you a lot to kill enemies without knowing who they are fighting. With perfect aim, you sure will kill them in an instant to reach the next level easily.

Here in this article, you have learned an all-out step-by-step technique that you can use to learn while aiming in the call of duty in modern warfare to kill enemies silently.

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