Top 10 Best Microsoft Wunderlist Alternative Apps to organize your tasks easier

What is the best alternative to Wunderlist apps? Are you looking for the best Wunderlist alternatives? This guidepost helps you choose the best to do list app to make your projects and tasks easier.

The popular application, Wunderlist created by Microsoft is going to be closed by May 2020. They are not allowing any new user registrations and people who depend on this application for planning, managing, and organizing their tasks might want to look for other alternatives to this application.

Best Microsoft Wunderlist Alternative Apps
Microsoft Wunderlist App

Wunderlist is a cloud-based task management application that allows the users to manage their tasks through smartphones, tablets, PC, or any device that supports it. It is free and a wide number of features are available in the free version.

There is also a pro version where additional advanced features are available. Wunderlist was started in 2011 by a company called 6wunderkinder and acquired by Microsoft in 2015.

Best Wunderlist Alternative Apps You Can Use

We know moving from one of the best to-do list apps to something new kinda difficult. But we can promise, these below mentioned Wunderlist Alternatives can cope up with your tasks as before. In addition, these alternatives are both suited for smartphones (Android & iOS) and PCs.

So without further ado, let’s go through the article.


Best Wunderlist Alternatives
Todoist -Best Wunderlist Alternatives

Todoist – Popular software on the list.

Todoist allows you to synchronize with Google calendars and Drive. The application also allows us to create videos, images, audio, and also you can assign projects or tasks to other people through this. The tasks we assigned to different people can be managed and also assess their level of productivity.

The application is available in the following link – Click Here


Best Wunderlist Alternatives
Trello – Best Wunderlist Alternatives

Trello – Task organization Giant.

Using this application, one can manage their tasks as a team. Trello helps you to complete all the tasks with a high level of productivity with their tools and a very intuitive graphical interface.

Simple registration through Google accounts and can be synchronized with other accounts. The application allows you to generate work structure for your projects and guides you through every section of it.

For more details about the Trello app, visit the official website – Click Here

Google Keep

Best Wunderlist Alternatives
Google Keep – Best Wunderlist Alternatives

Google Keep – A complete alternative to Wunderlist.

Google Keep is one of the best Wunderlist Alternative in this list. This application suits both advanced and experienced users. You can add tasks and reminders and also add background and coloring to your notes.

When it comes to Google, you can get a smooth user experience. Likewise, Google Keep can be synchronized with your accounts so that you can access this from any of your devices.

This application is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Have a look on Google Keep web version – Link


Best Wunderlist Alternatives
SomToDo – Best Wunderlist Alternatives

SomToDo – Simple and fast.

Another great Wunderlist alternative, SomToDo. This app allows you to manage your projects in folders and customize all your tasks based on your requirements. SomToDo is a very simple application and is perfect for users who do not require any complicated task management system. The free version provides 1GB space per account.

For more details, visit the official website – Link


Best Wunderlist Alternatives
Asana – Best Wunderlist Alternatives

This is a simple tool that allows you to assign projects and tasks and also manage them. The paid version allows these tasks for teams and the free version for individuals.

Asana app allows the user to have a list, board, or a calendar view. In this app, the user interface was well established and easy to navigate.

Users can sync this with their Slack accounts, Dropbox, or Google. The application is available in the following link – Click Here

Best Wunderlist Alternatives – Best Wunderlist Alternatives – For minimalists. is one among the best Wunderlist Alternative apps. This app is really simple and minimalist and allows one to create their tasks in the same manner and allows you to share it through email.

To add more, provides you with the option of separating personal and professional tasks. This way, you can add your shopping lists and other personal tasks without interfering with the work-related tasks.

The application is available in the following link – Click Here


Best Wunderlist Alternatives
Hibox – Best Wunderlist Alternatives

Hibox app is a little less popular than the previous ones but is good enough to be used as an alternative for Wunderlist. In the free version, they are focused on businesses of small groups. They have options like business chat, group video chat, and an AI personal assistant.

Similar to other Wunderlist Alternatives, users can link this with their Google accounts, Drive, etc and all the conversations are encrypted and uploaded directly to the cloud.

Hibox app is available in the following link – iOS/Android


Best Wunderlist Alternatives
Workep – Best Wunderlist Alternatives

This application has the ability to integrate with the entire Gsuit package. The tool will be synchronized with the package making it simplified and easy to use for users.

Workep delivers the fastest project management experience for cross-platform enterprise collaboration. In short, Workep is easy to use and highly integrated with Gsuit.

For more details, visit the official website – Click Here


Best Wunderlist Alternatives
ntask – Best Wunderlist Alternatives

nTask provides you with elaborate task management solutions to plan your work. They have various modules that help you manage tasks and also helps in risk management.

The features include elaborate meeting managements, task priority, and due to date options, automatically generated weekly timesheets, alerts, and notifications, etc.

You can download nTask app from here – Click Here

Omni Focus

Best Wunderlist Alternatives
Omni Focus – Best Wunderlist Alternatives

Omni Focus tool provides all options to manage and customize your tasks. They have color-coded labels and customized tags to enhance your planning patterns. You can create a smooth workflow and the tasks can be quickly accessed.

For more details, visit the official website – Click Here

Final Verdict

These are the alternative to Wunderlist and they work almost as efficiently as Microsoft’s Wunderlist app. The new users may take a bit of time to get used to the working methods or features of these applications but once you get used, these are extremely comfortable and handy.

You can access these in windows and also in your smartphones. Share your thoughts on Microsoft’s Wunderlist alternative apps in the comment section below!

If you feel, we missed any best to-do list apps in this list, do drop them below! For more guidepost like this, stay tuned! Cheers 🙂