If you were unaware about this news, America is going to build its first exascale supercomputer. Apparently, this upcoming supercomputer has been named Aurora as well. Now, there are more details revealed regarding this supercomputer. Interestingly, America plans to build this supercomputer by the year 2021. Aurora’s details were revealed at an event in presence of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and Senator Dick Durbin at Argonne National Laboratory today.

Also interesting to note is that the supercomputer will be built by Intel at Argonne National Laboratory. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said that “We will use exascale computing and AI to accelerate discovery, spur ingenuity, drive innovation, and above all, we will impact all of those areas in ways that just a few years ago we couldn’t have realized that we were going to have the ability to do,”

Rick Perry jokingly admitted that Aurora was named after his three-legged black lab Aurora Pancake, revealed in this interview. This is also seen as America’s attempt to keep up with China in the development of supercomputers which China is running away with at the moment. Last year, a report claimed that China’s top 2 supercomputers are powerful than DOE’s 21 computers combined. However, Summit gained the title back of being the most powerful supercomputer from China shortly after.

As far as Exascale supercomputers are concerned, they can operate at quintillion calculations per second. Rick Perry added that “When you talk about a billion [calculations] per second, for us mere mortals it kind of dawns on you where we are, what we’re doing, what we are on the cusp of being able to accomplish,”. “So this system will be an excellent platform for both traditional high-speed computing applications as well as data analytics” claims Stevens, associate laboratory director for computing, environment, and life sciences at Argonne.

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