Augmented Reality could soon come to Google Maps according to reports

Last year at the Google I/O, Google Maps was demoed on stage. This demo was particularly focused on the developers of Google Maps. In this demo, Google showcased how Augmented Reality could change the way we use Google Maps. Now, we know that Google I/O 2018 happened more than 9 months ago. The next Google I/O for 2019 is also happening very soon. But we have not heard anything related to Augmented Reality on Google Maps until now.  However, we now have a report regarding Augmented Reality integration inside Google Maps.

Augmented Reality in Google Maps

This report has been published by the Wall Street Journal. Talking about the Google Maps demo at I/O 2018, we saw an advanced navigation system that could direct users and use pop-ups showing businesses and shops nearby as well. Now, we may see this come into action on our very own smartphones thanks to Google Maps. Wall Street Journal reports that  “an early version of Maps with augmented reality (AR)” is currently in development.

This “early version” is exactly the one which was demoed on stage at the Google I/O last year. David Peirce from the Wall Street Journal, who used these new features of Google Maps said that there are more additions to the one which was shown on stage.

For example, we now have a feature where as soon as the AR version of Maps has oriented itself on the basis of surrounding landmarks and directed the user, it tells you to keep the phone down. This is in order to avoid hitting or getting hit by someone on the road.

However, in a turn of events, WSJ added that even though the features are being tested at the moment, it might not be released anytime soon. Therefore, it seems like we will have to wait even longer to use AR inside Google Maps.