Meet Arsenal 2: The Improved and Intelligent AI Camera Assistant

When taking a photo, every photographer does not matter if casual or professional, wants the perfect shot. Capturing a perfect picture can also be difficult for someone professional.  You will have to adjust different parts of your camera to take a good phone depending on the location, lighting, and more. Even after taking a good shot, you may need to edit it.  Technology has improved enough to help photographers, there is now Arsenal 2 to help them take the perfect shot.

Arsenal 2 is the successor of Arsenal which was released in 2017.  Arsenal 2 is an AI-powered camera assistant which adjust the image according to its Artificial Intelligence and make modifications to the image to make it look perfect.

This smart gadget – Arsenal 2 is made by Ryan’s who’s a software engineer as well as a photographer. He started the Arsenal project to improve his photography but after he saw its demand he continued improving the project.

An AI Camera Tool that Manages All Settings

Arsenal 2 is built and designed to handle all the camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and more. This allows the photographer to not worry about camera settings and focus on the pictures they are going to click.

Meet Arsenal 2: The Improved and Intelligent AI Camera Assistant
Arsenal 2

Moreover, Arsenal 2 is controlled using over USB with the help of a smartphone. With just a tap on your screen, Arsenal 2 uses its “state-of-the-art” machine-learning algorithm to adjust the setting of your camera. It tunes the camera settings by analyzing 22 different environmental factors that result in the best settings to take any shot anywhere.

Deep Colour Features

“Arsenal 2” boasts it’s Deep Colour’  feature which uses a “neural network” AI technology to do some adjustments depending on the photo.  It adds more details and depths to the photo, creates perfect lighting and improves the HDR making the picture look beautiful.

Meet Arsenal 2: The Improved and Intelligent AI Camera Assistant
Meet Arsenal 2

“Arsenal 2” also comes with other helpful features filled with professional techniques like Panorama, Focus Stacking, Crowd Control, Night Photos, Handheld mode, HDR, Timelapse and Extreme Long Exposures.

Price of Arsenal 2 and its Availability

Ryan is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the device. The Kickstarter campaign has already raised over $3.1 Million from its 16,465 backers which prove it’s hype. The Arsenal 2 will be available in 2 versions:

The Standard Version and Pro Version.

Both have the same features in terms of software, but, the Pro Version is having “even more performance improvements, added weather resistance, and USB-C connectivity”.

You can pledge $149 at least for Standard Version in the campaign to receive it, while, for Pro Version, you will have to pledge $249 at least.

For more information, check out the campaign here.