Archon Wireless Charger can Power your Phone through desks!

There are lots of wireless chargers out in the market which mostly works the same way. But here is a game changer! Archon Wireless Charger will help you charge your device magically without any direct contact with the charger itself. The Archon Wireless charger can be attached to the underside of the desks or tables, allowing you to charge your gadgets wirelessly.

Archon is a wireless charger listed in Kickstarter campaign which comes up with a new method to charge gadgets through metal surfaces likes glass, woods, plastic table, quartz, granites. No metal surfaces! Using Archon Wireless Chargers, you can keep your space neat and organized without any messy cables. No more traditional wireless chargers!

Archon invisible wireless charger
Archon invisible wireless charger

The company calls it an “invisible wireless charger”, and it works the same. Meaning, you can keep your wireless charger way from plain sight, maybe under your desk that allows you to charge smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets just by setting right above the charger placed underneath.

Archon charger is compatible with all devices that support Qi Wireless Chargers. It even allows the devices with fast charging technology with an output up to 10W. There are two variants available which can be chosen based on our needs, Archon 25mm and Archon 35mm.

Archon invisible wireless charger
Archon wireless charger

Archon 25mm suitable for fixing underneath of tabletops, standard kitchen counters and usual furniture. The other variant, Archon 35mm fits extra thick metal surfaces with more width and heavy furniture. It will be available in two colors, black and white.

Features of Archon Wireless Charger

  • Don’t require any desktop clutter.
  • Compatible with Qi smartphones.
  • Charges through thick mobile cases, tabletops & desks.
  • Fast charging support.
  • No annoying blink lights.

If you are pretty much interested, then you can pre-order it on the Kickstarter page. The campaign funding goal is around $75,000 and they already crossed more than $89,000 with 760+ backers. You can reserve an Archon staring at $89 and the shipping starts from May 2019.

Watch the demonstration video added below to learn more about this gadget!