Apple had earlier announced a new challenge aimed at iPhone users. This challenge was named as the ‘Shot on iPhone’ challenge. In a way, this was also a challenge by Apple to showcase its camera prowess. Now, we do know that cameras on any iPhone are one of the best, if not the best, in the industry. Although the best smartphone camera awards have been snatched away from Apple by Google’s Pixel, they are still great.

Coming back to the challenge announced by Apple, users or participants were told to share their best clicks taken by an iPhone. Now, the term iPhone is used because this could be an iPhone 5s or even the latest iPhone Xs. Since then, users started to share their best shots taken by their iPhones using the hashtag #shotoniphone.

Apple had already announced that they would be announcing the winners at the end of February. The company has now announced the winners of these challenge as promised. As part of the challenge, Apple has declared 10 winners as having the best shots clicked by an iPhone. Now, this includes photos shot by an iPhone 7, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xs and the Xs Max.

Also interesting is the fact that Apple had earlier announced that the iPhone photos shared by participants will be granted royalty-free. However, the company later retracted due to controversy and said that the winning participants will be given a licensing fee. Also, the ownership rights of the photos still remain with their respective owners. These photos will be used by Apple on the billboards and other ads across the world, as already announced.

Apple has now revealed the names of the winning participants, their iPhone models as well as the comments given by Apple’s jury on why the photos were selected. This announcement was made on Apple Newsroom which can be found here.

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