Bloomberg reported that Apple is internally discussing releasing a rugged version of its Apple Watch that has been specially designed for use in “extreme environments”. As per the report, Apple is considering launching the product in the market as early as by this year or by early 2022.

This smartwatch would offer similar core functionality to the regular Apple Watch but with a more rugged construction like a rubberized exterior. The report conveys that Apple is planning new swim-tracking features for its next-generation watches.

As of now, Apple’s smartwatches are already popular for exercise tracking. They are water-resistant to up to 50 meters. However, Apple Watches are not considered a durable option for extreme sports like water skiing. Because of this, Suunto and Garmin have found a foothold in the market with more specialized gadgets.

Apple Watch
Via: PocketLint

Bloomberg reported that back in 2015, after releasing the original model, Apple has considered releasing a more rugged version of its Apple Watch at least once but the plans never worked out for some reasons. Note that even now, there is a chance that the current plans could end up being canceled or delayed.

In general, Apple releases new smartwatches in the second half of the year. For example, last year, Apple came out with Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 6. Last year’s version came with only a few iterative improvements.  This time, a rugged version could offer better improvements to initiate upgradation.


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