Apple working on merging iPhone, iPad and Mac apps by 2021

Apple has always been at the forefront of technology when it comes to hardware or software. We also know that Apple develops software and hardware for two different ecosystems. These platforms include a mobile platform, iOS, and a desktop platform, macOS. Also, we have always wanted to run iPhone or iOS apps on macOS and vice-versa. It finally seems like that can happen really very soon. If you are unaware, Apple had announced ‘Project Marzipan‘ a few years ago. This project was to merge iOS, macOS and iPad apps.

With Marzipan, it could be possible to run the same application on your iPhone, iPad as well as a Mac. Now, the idea behind Marzipan for Apple is to encourage app development and also boost their sales revenue too. Now, we finally also have a timeline for this much-anticipated project as well. Codenamed Marzipan, this cross-platform project from Apple is said to be ready by 2021.

This will mean that Apple could see a huge boost in revenue on its App Stores, subject to development. Reportedly, Apple is soon releasing two new platforms under their branding. The first platform is a subscription-based news platform called Apple News. Another platform is its video content offering, similar to Netflix, which would only have originals.

Also known is that Apple plans to let developers port their iPad apps to Mac computers. This will be done via a new software development kit that the company will release this year. The launch of this new SDK is expected as early as June at its annual developer conference. However, this SDK is not the same as Project Marzipan because developers will have to submit two applications, one for macOS and other for iPhone. This will also mean that the different app stores will be combined too. By 2020, Apple plans to release this SDK for converting iPhone apps to Mac.