According to the latest news, Apple is working on a new ARM-based processor which comes with 32 high performing CPU cores. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the device might come in late 2021. The processor might also appear in a new “half-sized Mac Pro” in 2022.

Reportedly, Apple is also developing CPU designs with up to 16 high performance cores and four power-efficient cores. The new processors might start arriving as early as spring 2021. Upcoming Apple Silicon designs might come with GPUs with up to 128 dedicated cores.

Apple working on a 32-core processor for powerful Mac machines
Apple working on a 32-core processor for powerful Mac machines

The recently released MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini use the company’s self-developed M1 chip featuring a CPU with four high performance cores and four high efficiency cores. Note that even now, powerful machines of the company such as the Mac Pro is powered by Intel chips. Apple gave itself a deadline of two years to transit its whole Mac lineup onto its own chips.

Currently, M1 chips come with either seven or eight GPU cores, but as per reports, the company is testing models with 16, 32, and 128 cores. Bloomberg reported that though the company is working on 16 cores, depending on how the mass production goes, Apple might choose to release devices with only 8 or 12 cores enabled.

It should be noted that prior to Apple’s announcement regarding ARM based processors, Bloomberg reported Apple to be working on a processor with a CPU featuring eight high performance cores and four energy efficient cores, which is yet to be officially announced.

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