According to the latest news, a new study has revealed that the popular wearable Apple Watch can effectively predict a positive case of Coronavirus infection almost a week prior to the PCR based nasal swab tests.

MacRumors reported that the study is published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research titled “Warrior Watch Study”. In the study, several hundred Mount Sinai healthcare workers were using a dedicated Apple Watch and an iPhone app for personal health data monitoring.

These participants also filled out a daily survey over several months to provide direct feedback regarding potential COVID symptoms and other health-related aspects like stress.

The study data was between the months of April to September 2020. The main focus of the data was heart rate variability (HRV), which is a key indicator of strain on the nervous system.

These survey data sets were then compiled with reported symptoms associated with the disease. Some of the symptoms are fever, aches, dry cough, and loss of the sense of taste and smell. The researchers hoped that the results might enable remote isolation of individuals to prevent the further spread of the virus.

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