Apple has planned to invest $1.2 billion in the next three years in Germany

Recently, Apple announced that it has plans to raise its investment in Germany. Apple is seeking to invest as much as 1.2 billion US Dollars in Germany’s silicon design center. Now, TechCrunch has reported that Apple announced that it would set up a new facility in Munich in the nation. In simple words, it seems, Apple is looking forward to increase its corporate spending in Germany.

The new facility in Munich will be called the European Silicon Design Center. It will focus on 5G and also explore future wireless related technologies. As per Apple, Munich is its largest engineering hub in Europe. Apple has over 1,500 engineers working in Munich at the moment. It is worth mention that Apple has even put together a particular team that will be working on power management chips. Roughly, it can be said that almost half of all Apple engineers who are working on power management are currently in Germany.

Moreover, the team in Germany is also expanding beyond power management, especially into chip design technologies. Apple is planning to invest the sum of 1.2 billion US Dollars in the next three years. The investment is for the new building, and related research and development investments.

It is interesting to note that currently, Apple is also working with Qualcomm for the development of 5G modems that are used in the iPhone 12 series. Apart from in house chip development, the Germany team will also be working on integrating third-party hardware for its different product ranges.