These days, folding phones are quickly becoming more common in the industry with more and more companies launching their version of foldable devices. For some time, a rumor was floating around about Apple that the company is working on a folding iPhone. Now, a new report out of China suggests that the company may be actually testing these foldable devices now.

Economic Daily reported that Apple’s manufacturers Foxconn and New Nikkon have already sent samples of folding iPhones to Apple to start testing. The report further mentions that the company is evaluating whether it should opt for OLED panels on its folding iPhone or it should go with microLED displays instead.

Apple starts testing folding iPhones with Foxconn
Apple starts testing folding iPhones with Foxconn

The report suggests that Apple is testing the screen and hinges of the samples especially. This makes sense because the original Galaxy Fold suffered from major display issues. Also, when it’s a folding phone, users will fold and unfold their smartphones many times a day so the hinge definitely needs to be tested thoroughly.

The report suggests that the company will be testing the hinge for 100,000 actuation. The report also reveals that the hinges will be made by New Nikkon, the same manufacturer that makes the hinges for MacBooks.

In short, for folding phone lovers, it is great news. The report claims that Apple is aiming for a September 2022 release but it should be noted that’s as per speculations. There is no confidential information regarding it as of now. Now, all we can do is wait for some more leaks about the folding iPhone.

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