Apple is mostly known for releasing iPhones every year. Now, many of the technology enthusiasts also know the company for its Mac and MacBook lineup of laptops. Apart from that, Apple also releases iPad every year which are the best tablets year-after-year. However, we have never seen a clothing line released by Apple. To add to that, the clothing line being a smart one is unheard of. You might not be aware but Google has already released a smart jacket last year. This jacket was released by Google in partnership with Levi’s. The smart clothing project from Google is also named and known as Project Jackard.

We are now seeing patents which suggest that Apple will release smart clothing in the future. Yes, the tech that powers your iPhones, iPads, and Macs will be seen on your clothes. The patent also shows which product is the first to be released in this smart clothing line. This first clothing accessory is supposed to be a glove. Apple has been rewarded a patent in the US for “force-sensing glove”.

Apple could release smart clothing in future, patent suggests
Apple could release smart clothing in future, patent suggests

Now, this product is most likely to be called the “Apple Glove”. The patent also suggests that this glove is related to health. The idea behind Apple Glove is to weave circuitry sensible to pressure and force into fabrics, with capabilities to then transmit data to an external device, like a smartphone, tablet, computer, or even a wearable device.

The patent filing also mentions that this is just a prototype and the product may not come into reality. However, it also shows that this is the way in which the circuitry can be fitted inside the fabric. This force-sensing technology could be used to measure vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and more. Now, there are no signs of release for Apple smart clothing as of now but we do know now that Apple has plans to release this in future.

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