Apple is reported to be cracking down on apps which limit screen time

We know that most of the apps on our smartphones nowadays are controlled by two major companies. These companies are Apple and Google who run their App Store and Play Store respectively. As we all know, both Google and Apple are reported to have killed some apps for policy violations. However, the app developers feel that they are hard done by the tech giants.

Similar cases have started to emerge regarding Apple and its control over the App Store. This latest issue is regarding Apple removing apps which used to limit screen time from the App Store. Last year, Apple announced a new feature which is used to show users the time they spend inside particular apps and also limit screen time. However, there were apps which did the same even before Apple announced this feature.

Apple App Store
Apple App Store

But since last year, New York Times reports that Apple has removed more than 11 popular apps which did the same from its store. Interestingly, these 11 apps are among the 17 most-downloaded apps for screen time and parental control. This means that Apple is clearly controlling the store and forcing users to use their own feature instead of third-party ones.

However, Apple has come out with its response since the issue came into light. Apple’s spokesperson Tammy Levine said that the company has removed those apps because they could gain too much information from users’ device. She also added that this has nothing to do with Apple launching similar tools

Apple’s Phil Schiller, in emails to Apple customers, said that his company “acted extremely responsibly in this matter, helping to protect our children from technologies that could be used to violate their privacy and security.”

On the other hand, developers of the apps which are now removed claim that Apple does not provide aggressive screen-time limiting features so users move to third-party apps but the apps could hurt Apple’s business so they have been kicked out.