Earlier this week, Apple was granted a new patent for technology related to assisting the driver’s visibility to help in poor weather conditions. It was related to its upcoming Project Titan. PatentlyApple reported that Apple was recently granted the patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which is related to its Project Titan.

It is worth mention that the document in question is regarding a new visibility system that is designed to assist drivers in viewing key road signs which would be especially useful in bad weather conditions like heavy snow, thick fog, smog, and dust.

This is because, in driving, visibility is one of the very crucial aspects that is heavily related to safety. In low visibility conditions, this technology helps drivers in seeing other vehicles on the road. This could reduce the risk of accidents or any other such incidents.

Apple patents Project Titan related technology to help driver’s visibility in poor weather conditions
Apple patents Project Titan related technology to help driver’s visibility in poor weather conditions

Poor weather conditions can also affect the reliability of the visibility system like water vapor because water vapor can absorb or scatter light. This system will improve detectability in those cases too.

The patent describes that the vehicle with this system would be able to lower the risk of collision by utilizing an additional system that features radar systems, vision based cameras, and even light detection and ranging through LiDAR technology.

As per reports, the patent granted to Apple covers a retroreflector system that includes a “plurality of retroreflectors.” In simple words, this means, the retroreflectors are configured to reflect a radar signal or a light or a LiDAR signal, or any other type of signal to a respective signal source. Experts are considering that the sensor might be partially embedded in an outer panel of the vehicle which can be configured to allow the radar signal to pass through to the plurality of retroreflectors.

In the patent, Apple has elaborated the technology in details but as of now, it is still not clear whether the company has started working on such a product or not.


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