Though the Apple Watch Milanese Loop band is popular for its magnet closure, there is a minor complaint about the band that is, since it is held in place with a single magnet at the end of the band, the band tends to lose over the course of the day forcing a reset. Apple was in search of a solution and it seems to have found one.

As per the latest news, last Friday, on 27th November, the US Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple. The patent is about a new magnetic strip system that provides a stronger hold on the user’s wrists. In simple words, the patent application covers an electronic device that can be attached to a user’s wrist by a wristband. It might be a wristwatch or fitness tracking or health tracking device.

The problem with band is, conventional elastic bands tend to get loose over time, while other flexible material bands tear or deteriorate over time. Even metal bands including a metal clasp can malfunction over time.

Apple patent filed by US Patent and Trademark Office hints at a wrist band revolution
Apple patent filed by US Patent and Trademark Office hints at a wrist band revolution

The patent submitted by Apple illustrates an assembly for a wristband. It includes multiple layers with magnetic supports. Apple points out that the support structure can join the magnets together and maintain the magnets in the desired arrangement along the length of the wristband.

The support structure can bend in order to permit the wristband to fold onto itself. It can eventually form a ribbon that is wide in one dimension transverse to its length but thin in another dimension transverse to its length. The structure can be formed by a combination of woven fibers like fabric, polymers, synthetic fibers, polyester, liquid crystal polymer, fiber glass, and carbon fiber.

The multiple fiber set up will allow the wrist band to stretch and provide greater comfort without compromising on security. If Apple can pull this off, it will be a revolution in the wrist band industry.

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