Apple is expected to launch a new all-inclusive subscription in a few days. Ironically, it’s the Android app that supports this leak.

In August, Bloomberg announced the development of a new Apple One subscription offering in Apple’s offices that would bring together all of the brand’s multiple services, in the manner of an Amazon Prime. Today, a new weight index is helping to give credit to the arrival of Apple One.

The 9To5Google site was able to analyze the new version of the Apple Music app on Android, and several strings mention the Apple One service.

Apple One: Apple Music's Android app confirms new subscription
Apple One

The app reveals that Apple One’s code name is Aristotle, and that it’s all about bringing together multiple subscriptions into one. One of the character channels includes “your Apple Music subscription will be included in Apple One from %s. You will not be charged for both subscriptions.” This shows that it will be possible to switch from one subscription to another.

According to some reports , the app also states that to manage the Apple One subscription, you have to go through “an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac.” This suggests that it will not be possible to do so from the app on Android, or worse, on a simple website like all other subscriptions of this type.

Since it’s simply the Apple Music app, which will only be a branch of the service, there’s no other information to learn more about the Apple One subscription, including its price. It is not clear how this subscription will work, and whether it will be possible to choose the services you want to subscribe to.

The most likely seems to be a fixed subscription like Amazon Prime, giving the right to most of Apple’s services: Music, News, TV or Arcade.

Apple One could be unveiled in a few days, on September 15, at the Apple Event.

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