According to the latest news, Apple is expected to stop selling the iMac Pro base model, instead, unveil a new range of iMacs soon. Currently, the one and only model that is available for purchase on the Apple Store website is the $4,999 base model where it is written, “while supplies last.”

9to5Mac first reported that all build-to-order configurations of the iMac Pro have been removed from Apple’s site. Note that as of now, they might still be available through third party retailers like Amazon. Apple has told The Verge that as soon as supplies of the base model run out, iMac Pro will no longer be available.

We should not get surprised with Apple’s phasing out the iMac Pro because there have been well sourced reports that convey that Apple will bring a redesigned iMac and revamp the Mac Pro sometime this year.

Apple might launch a new range of iMac Pro models and stop selling iMac Pro base models
Apple might launch a new range of iMac Pro models and stop selling iMac Pro base models

Back in January, Bloomberg reported that in the redesigned version, the overhaul would get rid of the “chin” beneath the screen and have a flat back design.

It should be noted that Apple has not yet officially deemed the iMac Pro as discontinued but it is clearly unusual for the company to use “while supplies last” in its product listings. Back in August 2020, Apple launched its 27 inches iMac which according to the company is popular among professional iMac users.

Back in 2017, Apple launched iMac Pro targeting gaming customers. It focused on features like virtual reality, high end editing, and graphics. This 2017’s iteration of iMac Pro line up replaced outdated iMac Pro versions. The device was unveiled at 2017’s Worldwide Developers Conference and Apple promoted it as “the most powerful Mac ever”.

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