Apple’s latest iPads don’t support its latest Apple Pencil

Apple announced a refresh to its iPad lineup yesterday in a press release. This announcement from Apple was similar to MacBook Pro lineup’s refresh last year which was also without much fanfare. Now, the latest iPads announced by Apple yesterday were the iPad Mini and the iPad Air. As far as the latest iPad Mini from Apple is concerned, it starts at $399 and it is updated after a gap of 3 and half years. As expected, the new iPad Mini now runs on Apple’s latest A12 Bionic chips at a storage capacity of 64GB.

Also, the iPad Mini now has stylus support in the form of Apple Pencil. However, the interesting part here is that Apple’s latest iPad Mini does not support its latest Apple Pencil. Apparently, iPad Mini 2019 only supports the first-gen Apple Pencil which was announced with the older lightning port. Along with the iPad Mini, Apple also announced a refresh to the iPad Air. The iPad Air also comes with A12 Bionic chip from Apple.

The iPad Mini has a smaller 7-inch display whereas the iPad Air has a 10.5-inch display. What’s interesting is that even the higher priced iPad Air does not support Apple’s new Pencil. Now, if you are not aware of Apple’s latest Pencil then it was refreshed last year along with the latest iPad Pro. However, Apple decided to name this as the Apple Pencil only. Rather than changing its name to Apple Pencil 2 or something else. This obviously creates confusion among users regarding the version of Apple Pencil they need to buy.

Also, Apple users will now have to check if their iPad is supported by the Apple Pencil or not before buying them. We also know that the company has scheduled an event for March 25 where it is expected to announce its news and video streaming services.