According to the latest news, Apple appears to be seriously looking forward to make a car. Reuters reported that Apple is pursuing the production of a passenger vehicle by 2024. The report further claims that the company is also working on the creation of self-driving systems and a “breakthrough battery technology.”

To be frank, the report is vague in terms of how it all will come together but does it indicates that Apple is once again considering vehicle production after previously shutting down plans to make a car.

Back in 2015, there were rumors that Apple is developing a car but in 2016, the project was scaled down significantly, with the development of a full car being scrapped and Apple’s team refocusing on software that could be licensed to car manufacturers. Only last year, almost 200 peoples were laid off from Apple’s car team just last year.

Though there is a lot of uncertainty on when it will happen, it seems that Apple has renewed its focus on building an actual vehicle. As per Reuters, Apple is considering 2024 as the production goal for an Apple made passenger vehicle. However, it could be pushed “into 2025 or beyond” due to pandemic related delays.

The report claims that Apple is relying on third parties for some components of its self driving tech. Apple’s battery technology reportedly relies on a “mono cell” design which allows more capacity to be fit into the overall battery unit, this could allow “a potentially longer range” and lower costs.

However, if Apple is really planning to manufacture a self driving car, it might have to face regulatory hurdles before finally hitting the road. As of now, there are no true self driving vehicles in the market. Some Tesla cars only offer a degree of advanced driver assistance in various situations.

Note that earlier this month, Apple handed control of its self driving car project to John Giannandrea, the company’s head of AI, who was brought on board in 2018 to work on Siri. Prior to this, Giannandrea served Google as head of the search and artificial intelligence.

Yesterday, Economic Daily News in Taiwan reported that an Apple made car could be released in 2021.

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