Apple iPhones to be assembled soon by Foxconn in India

Apple has released the latest versions of their iPhones already. These iPhones are named as the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Plus. Apart from that, we have the iPhone Xr as well this year. The iPhone XR is the budget version of iPhone X and Xs by Apple. Now, it is known that Apple has not performed well in India.

Apart from that, the company is also trying to perform well in the Indian subcontinent as it is a big market. However, one of the big issues for Apple in India is the high prices of iPhones. For example, the iPhone Xs available for $999 in the US is available for $1400 in India.

Similarly, the iPhone X is also priced very heavily in India same as older iPhones. This means that iPhone is out of reach for a majority of the Indian smartphone buyers. This is also one of the reasons for Android’s dominance in the Indian market.

However, the problem from Apple’s end is the import tax and duty in India. It is known that Apple has requested the Indian government for a reduction in import duties. It is now reported that the latest iPhones will soon become cheaper in India.

Apple iPhones to be assembled soon by Foxconn in India

Foxconn plans plant expansion to manufacture iPhones in India

The latest iPhones are going to be assembled in India from 2019. Foxconn, which has a plant in India, will soon start assembling even high-end iPhones. Currently, the older iPhones are already being assembled in India. According to the latest report, these high-end iPhones include the iPhone X and the latest iPhone Xs series too.

The assembly work will take place at Foxconn’s plant in Sriperumbudur town in Tamil Nadu, according to sources. Now, Foxconn has already announced an investment of 25 billion rupees or $356 million on its Indian plant. This investment will also be able to create 25000 jobs in India which is beneficial for India too.

Via – Business Today