There are reports that Apple’s Mac lineup might also come with the Apple A-series chips. The latest Apple chipset in the market right now is the Apple A12 found on iPhone Xs series and iPad Pro series. However, Apple’s A13 chip will also be coming soon by the end of this year. Earlier this year, Apple made a shock settlement to use Qualcomm modems once again in its smartphones though.

Amidst all the iPhone XI rumours, there is a new report about Apple and Intel. This report reveals that Apple is in very advanced talks to buy Intel’s 5G modem business. This also makes sense because Apple’s own 5G modems are not even close to being ready at the moment. But reports have mentioned that Apple’s products might come with 5G support as soon as next year.

Apple is in advanced talks to buy Intel's 5G modem business
Apple is in advanced talks to buy Intel’s 5G modem business

Along with that, Apple and Qualcomm are having fights as well. So it is unlikely that Apple will get its supply of 5G modems from Qualcomm. Thus, the move to buy Intel’s 5G business which is abandoned makes sense. You might have noticed that while there are Intel chips powering each and every desktop and laptop, there are hardly any smartphones with Intel’s modem. This is because the company failed to sustain against the likes of Qualcomm and MediaTek in the smartphone industry.

Intel is enjoying a huge market share in the PC industry while likes of Qualcomm and MediaTek have failed. Coming back to the Apple-Intel deal, reports suggest that Apple could buy Intel’s modem business for $1 Billion. Also, the deal is very much finalized and might even be announced next week by both companies.

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