Apple patent suggests Apple Glass will get Face ID like capabilities in future

For a long time, we have been hearing rumors about the development of Apple AR Glass but sadly, we have never spotted Apple mentioning it anywhere at its events or on online platforms. According to the latest news, Apple has filed a patent that suggests that the company is working to give its AR powered wearables capabilities like Face ID.

The Patent is coming with the title “Monitoring a user of a head-wearable electronic device”. The name hints this technology will enable an Apple Glass user to interact with their iPhones using head gestures instead of touching or through voice.

The patent reads “[Current device control] often requires the user to interact with the sensing components actively, such as via touch or speech.”

In simple words, it seems that Apple is looking forward to replacing the traditional and fundamental ways of interacting with iPhones. The above-mentioned patent suggests that a head-mounted wearable device should be able to monitor the head movements and expressions of a user and then transmit that to the iPhone. Note that to perform this, the wearable device needs to have the necessary sensors to 3D map the user’s face and head.

Apple patent suggests Apple Glass will get Face ID like capabilities in future
Apple Glass

Apple says that wearable devices like headphones… a mask… earmuffs or any combination thereof,” can pack light sensors and these sensors will then “detect light reflected by and/or transmitted through a portion of the user’s head, e.g. using photoplethysmography (PPG).” These light sensors are placed at different points on the wearable device.

“Due to such positioning, the sensor data from the light sensors can capture the movement of anatomical features in the tissue of the head of the user and can be used to determine any suitable gestures of the user.”

So in simple words, this tech has been integrated into the Apple Glass. With this, users will be able to control their mobile devices just by nodding or shaking their heads. The Apple Glass will detect these movements and expressions and transmit them to the mobile device to trigger various actions through the light sensors in the wearable.

Note that the idea has just been patented. Though the idea seems to be pretty nifty, Apple might not come up with a final consumer product of such devices soon.