Apple gets warning from the European Union antitrust chief ahead of its ad tracking feature launch

Apple will launch its new ad tracking transparency feature as early as in early spring. Before its official launch, it has already faced backlash for the new privacy changes. Apple has faced backlash mainly from social media giant Facebook. Now, According to the latest news, EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager has also warned the company to play fair.

9To5Mac reported that the European Union antitrust chief said that the new ad tracking feature does fall in with some of the proposed legislation in Europe. She also added that she has not yet received any official complaints regarding these upcoming ad tracking transparency changes. It is worth mention that the changes will notify iPad and iPhone users when the apps and websites are tracking them and even offer an easy opt-out option.

Vestager said that the feature is actually in line with the recently proposed EU Digital Services/Markets Act legislation. Vestager said “It is a very good thing to have a clear opt-out option. If you look at the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, these are some of the solutions we are looking at there.”

The European Union antitrust chief warned that even though, a clean opt-out option is good, it could go beyond privacy focus and in extreme cases can border on anti-competitive practices. Earlier this week, in an interview, Vestager said ‘It can be competitive if it is shown that Apple is not treating its own apps in the same way.”

So far, Facebook is one of the biggest critics of Apple’s tracking upcoming feature. Facebook is also filing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple over the ATT feature. On the other hand, Apple has claimed that this feature would be applicable on itself along with third-party developers so it remains to be seen how the lawsuit plays out regarding the ad tracking feature.