Apple could soon integrate cryptocurrency wallets to iPhones suggests iOS 13

Apple might have just embraced Cryptocurrency with the launch of the latest version of iOS. This is because the company has integrated a new framework in iOS 13. This new framework called “CryptoKit” is available on iOS 13 and it allows developers to perform cryptographic operations with security and efficiency. This also suggests that it is not long before we will see new iPhones come with crypto wallets natively.

Now, this announcement from Apple was not made on stage at the WWDC 2019. However, the information was found on Apple’s website. Apple says that CryptoKit will provide developers with a new framework for cryptographic functionality. This framework will allow operations such as hashing, key generation and encryption to be integrated into iOS apps.

There is, however, one thing that has caused a lot of confusion in the crypto community. Apple says that CryptoKit will allow developers to use public-key cryptography to create and evaluate digital signatures and perform key exchanges which have left the community confused.

Apple set to introduce CryptoKit in iOS 13
Apple could soon integrate cryptocurrency wallets to iPhones suggests iOS 13

Also, developers will be able to use private keys stored in and managed inside Apple Secure Enclave which is there on Apple chips since the A7. Apart from that, developers can work with keys stored in memory as well.

Apple’s cryptographic and security engineering team member Frederic Jacobs said that CryptoKit will allow users “to perform cryptographic operations”. With the addition of CryptoKit in iOS 13, Crypto community has started to speculate as to when a full hardware wallet will come to iPhones. Earlier, we saw that Apple started to embrace cryptocurrency by including the Bitcoin icon in its San Francisco icon set.

Other than Apple, Samsung has also started integrating cryptocurrency wallets inside its smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S10 launched in February allowed users to store private keys inside the smartphone thanks to its crypto wallet. This also makes it possible that Apple will integrate full crypto wallets to iPhones in the future as well as Apple Pay.