According to the latest news, Apple and Broadcom have joined hands and are trying to overturn the results of their legal battles with Caltech over its WiFi patent trials that happened in January 2020. Now, both the companies are asking courts to overturn the decision, which has fined both companies over 1.1 billion US Dollars in fines.

AppleInsider reported that the brief suggests that the original trial was conducted with “multiple legal errors.”

Back in January this year, the patent trial ruled both Apple and Broadcom as guilty of infringing on patents owned by the California Institute of Technology. After that, in March, Apple tried to invalidate the patent but ultimately failed. At that time, Caltech’s lawyers even argued that a hypothetical licensing deal in 2010 for the chips used in iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, and more would have brought in something around 1.4 US dollars per device from Apple and 26 cents each from Broadcom.

Apple joins hand with Broadcom to overturn Caltech WiFi patent trial
Apple joins hand with Broadcom to overturn Caltech WiFi patent trial

After calculation, the jury slapped an 838 million US Dollars fine on Apple and 270 million US Dollars fine on Broadcom.

In the current appeal, both companies stated that “These rulings unfairly prejudiced appellants, and greatly hampered their ability to rebut Caltech’s repeated emphasis at trial on the supposed importance of the patents-in-suit, which led to an enormous — and unwarranted — damages award.”

Interestingly, Caltech has called the conduct of the two firms Apple and Broadcom as “truly egregious” and even asked the court to raise the payment up to 2.2 billion US dollars by adding the lawyers’ fees and other damages into account.

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