Apple announces HomePod mini at $99 with S5 chip

Apple has announced a new version of its HomePod smart speaker, HomePod mini. HomePod mini is a smaller version of the speaker that shrinks down the original model into a more compact size. The company has priced it at the US $ 99.

Just like a full-size HomePod, the HomePod mini features a mesh fabric exterior in both black and white colors. It comes with a small display on top displaying the Siri waveform and volume controls. With this model, the company has rejected the oblong design and instead of that opted for a short spherical shape.

The HomePod mini sports two passive radiators, one main driver, and an acoustic waveguide on the bottom. It is powered by an Apple S5 chip. The company claims that this chip allows computational audio processing. It can intelligently create stereo pairing when placed in the same room.

With this device, Apple debuted a new feature dubbed as “Intercom” which allows customers with multiple HomePod devices in different rooms to communicate throughout the house. Here, messages appear on connected Apple devices.

Apple announces HomePod mini with S5 chip for $99
Apple announces HomePod mini with S5 chip for $99

It should be noted that when the first HomePod was launched in 2018, it was tagged with a price tag of cost the US $ 349. In terms of price, it was more expensive than any of Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home speakers. The high price combined with Apple’s only features made it a tough sell. Later on, the company reduced its price to the US $ 199.

With this model, the company further reduced the price to the US $ 99 without making any compromise on the feature list. HomePod isn’t just a smart speaker because it serves as a central hub for any HomeKit devices enabling users to control lots of things when they are not at home.

In simple words, an Apple HomePod gadget does not just provide more ways for Apple to get Siri and Apple Music into people’s homes but it helps expand Apple’s entire presence in your home. Pre-orders of Homepad Mini start from 6th November 2020 and shipping will start from 16th November 2020.